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    Paracon had filled a gap in following up the contractual requirements and details running inside a project with BIM setup. In OGTP they were very useful in modifying the role of the BIM coordinators, negotiating with the consultant the topics that were running out of scope, detecting the needs of the construction team and controls, improving the BIM coordination process, organizing the communication channels in between BIM team at site, BIM centers, RASO team and project management and he was even able to support the S/C team in a way that would reduce the technical issues they have and effecting the whole process.

    Basel Eshtewy
    Dubai, UAE

    We have worked with Paracon on multiple projects, each time with exceptional results. Currently, they are designing and implementing expanded capabilities to a web and mobile application based management system that they previously created for our company. Paracon’s staff is intelligent, articulate, and will always find the best solution to the problem that you are trying to solve. It’s very difficult, especially these days, to find a company that is truly as passionate about their trade as Paracon is. We wouldn’t use anyone else!

    Mark Mitchell
    Anderson, SC, USA

    Paracon are exceptional. They were articulate and detailed. Their step-by-step approach made developing our Mobile & Web application seamless. I have worked with several programmers over the years and this was the first time that a company delivered exactly as promised, on schedule and price. I highly recommend Paracon and will be using them on future projects. They are the real pros.

    Kurt Xavier
    Ottawa, ON, Canada

    It was a pleasure to work with. Their quickness in replying and constant communication made it very easy to consistently move the project forward and in the right direction. The cherry-on-top was getting small little features we didn't ask for, but definitely appreciated having, simply because they felt a completed solutions needed those elements. This was a SQL project nestled within an app, and the next time anything even remotely close to that comes up again, Paracon is going to jump top of mind for us to use.

    Cristian Ciloci
    Toronto, ON, Canada

    Highly competent and experienced. They were able to ask the right questions and to drive the entire project into the right direction. They used analytical method of working helped us to build up the project and to find inconsistencies in the structure. As well could provide valued feedback to quickly find solutions. It was a pleasure to work with. I hope we will work together soon. I would definitely recommend.

    Julian Alexander
    Zurich, Switzerland

    Paracon has done a wonderful job on our project. The level of detail and thought that goes into their process is much better than we have experienced with past programmers. They took our existing system that was improperly coded and worked through the details step-by-step until we ended up with a finished product that works marvelously. It's going to save us thousands of man-hours in the years to come and we will be using them on our future projects.

    Scott Fullerton
    Fernandina Beach, FL, USA

    They implied the old say " think out of the Box " with continuous innovation producing practical solutions to all of our BIM related issues . They were able to increase the Pre-fabrication process dramatically.

    Fahad Mellal
    Ottawa, ON, Canada