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Spooling Utility For Autodesk Fabrication CADMEP

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Paracon BIM Spooling utility first released in 2015 and supports CADMEP 2015, 2017, 2018 2019, 2020. We sold more than 20 licenses and our clients are depending on it to increase their BIM productivity and efficiency.

Paracon Spooling utility enhances the creation of spool drawings as Layouts in the master file. The advantage of having the spool layouts in the same master file is priceless. Changes made once either in the model space or the Spool layout. Spool drawings & Master model are always synced. Better files organizing. Less Disk storage.

This utility aims to greatly enhance the productivity of the piping detailing specialists as well as prepare piping data files for use by other company software such as procurement, material management, fabrication management, and project control software.

If you never used this Utility, then please contact us as some customization need to be done on your computer so that all the commands run.



Layout Commands:

- Changes the active layout using a drop down menu.

- Changes the Spool Template from a drop down menu.

- Delete multiple selected layouts using a listbox interface.

Select an object in the model space and the program opens the assigned spool layout

- Change a specific attribute value in multiple selected spool layouts.

Numbering Commands:

Renumber selected objects ordered by catalog type.

Renumber selected pipes & fittings only ordered by catalog type.

- Renumber Selected Sleeves only.

- Moves the number tag to desired position with a mouse click.

BOM Commands:

- Update the BOM table for the active spool layout

- Create a BOM table for all the selected objects

Spool Commands:

Fix the objects visibility in all spool layouts.

Fixsp command:

  • Hide objects not belonging to the active spool layout.
  • Renumber objects of the active spool.
  • Regenerates BOM (Bill Of Materials) table for the active spool.


Numbering Commands:

- Renumber all selected CADMEP objects

- Renumber only pipes & fittings in selected CADMEP objects.

- Renumber only the sleeves in selected CADMEP objects.

- Moves the number tag to desired position with only one click.